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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Not a day goes by that we're not in need of GOD's huge grace and mercy. Every morning we need his Spirit to fill us again. Life is full of sin, and we are sinners. Life is unpredictable. We need GOD to strengthen us for what's ahead. Every day we need a fresh word that he speaks to our hearts, to keep our focus on what's most important. I know that trying to run this race of life without GOD will drain the life out of us.

In the book of Exodus, we read the story of how God’s people endured years of bondage under the Egyptians. They were an oppressed, abused, and mistreated people. They needed rescue; they needed a way of escape. GOD saw their needs. GOD saw everything, and in His perfect timing, he acted on their behalf.

GOD performed miracle after miracle, leading them straight out of slavery, away from the cruel hand of the Egyptians. He set them free from oppression, captivity, and bondage. The people of Israel spent 40 years in the desert —wandering. Forty years of journeying towards the promised land that GOD had given them is a very long time to wander. The days must have been intense, hot, and dry. They got weary but GOD met them where they were at. He made sure they had what they needed. They learned through every hard and grueling step how much they had to rely on GOD.

We see it over and over in his word. Stories that prove how GOD never leaves us fending for ourselves when problems arise or seem too big. There are miracles documented in the Bible that remind us when we leave the battle in His hands, He will do what would be impossible for us to ever accomplish on our own.

When Pharaoh let the people go, GOD didn’t lead them on the road that made the most sense. The Bible tells us in Exodus 13, that though the path was shorter right through the Philistine country, GOD said, “If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.” Exodus 13:17 . Therefore, He led them around the desert road over towards the Red Sea. They faced the hot, dry and barren wasteland, the sea looming off in the distance. We can almost hear the grumblings of the Israelites. Do you feel the fear rising?

GOD promised His people a land full of milk and honey. The land was blessed but the people had to fight for it in the wilderness. GOD stretched their faith and lead them through journeys where they’d have to be totally dependent on GOD.

GOD leads us into our own “promised land.” Maybe you feel like the blessing is too long in coming; maybe you feel like giving up. Be assured again today that GOD is faithful, and He will use all things to strengthen our faith and bring goodness to His people. Stay strong, keep pressing through.

“So GOD led the people around by the desert road toward the Red Sea…” Exodus 13:18

As the Israelites got closer, the sea must have looked bigger and deeper. An obstacle that seemed too difficult to overcome. Their eyes focused on the problem. They forgot about the bigness of our GOD. But GOD! He didn’t forget about them. He split the sea in two so that his people walked through on the dry ground. The enemy in hot pursuit had no idea what they were up against. They lost the battle that day and were swallowed up in the waves. GOD rescued his people and led them straight through the biggest obstacle they’d ever encountered, and that was just the beginning of His miracles.

Even if the way He’s leading doesn’t seem to make much sense and His timing seems off, or the wait feels long, and wandering in desert places is the last thing we want to do, we can trust Him. Always! He knows our way. He sees the big picture. He has good in store. And though it may not have been what we would have chosen, or how we would accomplish things, we can thank Him for His Sovereignty, His care over us, and His powerful leadership.

GOD never left his people alone in their journey. His presence was always there, a reminder to them that they hadn’t been left on their own in the wilderness. As a pillar of cloud in the day and fire by night, He guided them, giving them shade from the fierceness of the desert sun, and a light in the darkest of nights.

GOD will not leave us to fend for ourselves, struggling to find our way. He will lead us. He promises to be faithful. We may not see him in a pillar of cloud or fire these days, but we have his Word, and the Holy Spirit to give guidance to our days. He is with us, he gives wisdom, he provides direction, so we never have to fear being left on our own to figure things out. He goes ahead of us; He walks with us; and He guards our way. His Word gives truth and life. It shows us the way to walk in this world.

“Then the angel of GOD…withdrew and went behind them. The pillar of cloud also moved from in front and stood behind them…” Exodus 14:19

Even when the Israelites faced cruel attacks from the enemies surrounding them, GOD was faithful to deliver them. He works in miraculous ways and the toughest of battles are never too hard for GOD to work through. He gives us victory and power even when it doesn’t make sense. After a battle against the fierce Amalekites, when God gave his people a great victory, the Bible says, “Moses built an altar and called it The Lord is my Banner. He said, ‘For hands were lifted up to the throne of the Lord…” Exodus 17:15-16

Still today, GOD will send his angels to fight for us and guard us. He Himself will fight for us and guard us. That’s how much He loves us and desires to set His protection over us. He will hem us in from all sides and keep us under His care. It doesn’t mean we won’t ever face the battle, but we can know that He is sure with us right in the midst of it all.

GOD said, "Touch not my anointed. Do my prophets no harm." If only people knew who they were messing with. Jesus will!

Here I am purposely engaged in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason

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