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Waiting For It!

Updated: May 27, 2022

My Pastor said in church one day: "GOD told me to tell you that He waits!" In essence, GOD will wait until it looks like there is no way out of a bind or a mess. Then, He shows up! Church folk always say, "He may not come when you want Him, but He is always right on time!" Can I get an Amen? I'll say it because I know from personal experience that it is true: Amen.

It is never too late for GOD to make an appearance. My only advice to you is to call on His name--JESUS. You must call on the name of the LORD. I know He'll move heaven and earth just to be here with me whenever I call. I may not know a lot of things but I do know that GOD will be there and rescue me when I need Him. He did it before ,and He will do it again. He'll do it for you too. Try Him.

I've learned to be still and know that He is GOD! There was a time where I constantly messed things all up, trying to bring order to my family problems. I wasn't even qualified for the job! All the hurt and pain that my family (not my marital family) was dumping on me was too much for me to handle. They were in the business of deliberately trying to drive me crazy for various reasons. The main reason was because of jealousy. Jealousy destroyed the world's first family. Cain killed Abel. Remember: Jealousy leads to every vile practice here on earth.

I am dealing with a mess right now. GOD will reveal it when it is time. I'm letting GOD fight my battle because when I say it is too big for me, I'm not lying! I am serious. I'm talking about David and Goliath big! In the meantime, I don't want to look like the hellions that are raising all kinds of hell around me so I will continue to call on Jesus name so I don't wind up looking hellish with all the hellions. As a matter of fact, I can call on Him now. JESUS! Please, don't mind me. I'm just waiting for it.

Here I am purposely engaging in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason

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