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Time Management

I must say that I haven't been a very good steward with my time. The sad thing is we can't get time back. As my Pastor says, "We cannot go to the store to buy some more time. It is not on sale! Time is a gift that we get from GOD." I found out how to be a better steward of the time that GOD is graciously bestowing on me.

Time management is about working smarter rather than longer. Oftentimes, we like to get the hardest task out the way first. The hardest task takes a lot of time because people are prone to take breaks when they are working on a hard task. Some people like to get the easiest task out the way first because it makes us feel like we are accomplishing a lot in a little time. I say do the most important tasks first because deadlines matter. In addition, if GOD tells you to do something, you should get to it right away.

For me, between writing and painting and other business that I attend to, I feel pulled. Some things pop up that need my attention right away. When that happens, I have no choice but to handle these things as they pop up.

Now, this is my dilemma. I love writing, and I love painting art. In this situation, I just take it to GOD for guidance. Whatever He tells me to do, I'm doing it. I didn't always move when GOD said, "MOVE!" I'm not making the same old mistakes. Tomorrow is a new day. It's not too late to listen to GOD. If GOD is telling you to do something, you better believe that it is important.

Here I am purposely engaged in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason

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