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The GOD Who Sees

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

GOD sees everything. He sees the good in you. He sees when people do you dirty. He sees your heart. He sees your struggle. He has won the victory for you, for He is the GOD who sees. This beautiful song tells the story of GOD's TRUTH. The GOD Who Sees was written by Kathy Lee Gifford and Nicole C. Mullen.


Hagar was a single mother

She was abandoned by the family she belonged to

And there in the wilderness with her son alone

With very little provision

She was wondering

She was questioning

Does anyone care?

[Verse 1]

She's crying in the desert

She's lost in her despair

She thinks nobody loves her

Hagar thinks nobody's there

But God says

[Chorus 1]

I will be a ring of fire around her

And I will be the glory in her midst

And the power of my presence

Will bring her to her knees

And I will lift her up again

For I'm the God who sees

I'm the God who sees

[Verse 2]

Then He speaks in gentle whispers

And He softly calls her name

She feels His arms enfold her

As He holds her

And she'll never be the same


'Cause I'm the God who never changes

And My promises are true

And when this world deserts you

This is what I'll do

[Interlude 1]

And there is another woman named Ruth

She was from the land of Moab

And she was met with grief and heartache

She was a widow and she lived with her mother-in-law, who was also a widow

And now it was time to move on

But Ruth had never been to Bethlehem

She had never tasted of the House of Bread

But now she had heard an inner invitation to come and taste and see

And so she vowed herself to her mother-in-law

And she said where you go I will go

Where you lie I will lie

Where you die I will die

And she begins a journey to the Promised Land

[Verse 3]

She's traveling through the desert

And she's leaving her despair

She's hoping for a future

Praying God will lead her there

And He says

[Chorus 2]

I will put a ring around your finger

And I will bless a child within your womb

And the Savior will be born through you

To free the world from sin

And He'll make all things new for you

And love you back to life again, again

[Interlude 2]

And then from Ruth who gave birth to a son

Obed who gave birth to a son

Jesse who gave birth to a son

Named David

Now the same, once shepherd boy

Mighty warrior, anointed king is alone

Terrified in the darkness

[Verse 4]

He's hiding in the desert

He's battling despair

David thinks his life is over, it's over

And God, He doesn't care

But God says