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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Imagine this: There are two salesmen in a territory that didn't seem to generate any business for this particular company. One day the boss assigned this territory to a guy who had been in the company for a while. The guy knew that this territory didn't generate that much revenue. He argued and complained about being assigned to that area to work. He didn't generate much revenue either. He gave up and quit. The next salesman that received the same area to work was new to the area and didn't know about the area's reputation. He came to work enthusiastic and ready to make a sale. He made many sales and became a very successful salesman in that seemingly dry area. What's the determining factor for success in this scenario? ATTITUDE! Your attitude is everything! It can make you or break you.

3 Steps To A Positive Attitude

1. Think! Please, do not react. When trouble strikes, the tendency is to panic and to be resentful. Sometimes you have to pause and count to ten--literally before you open up your mouth to say anything. You don't want to make any kind of decisions or act in the heat of the moment. Self-control is a discipline that we can all benefit from if we successfully learn how to control ourselves.

2. Become a Problem-Solver. Do not wallow in your difficulty; rather, start thinking of solutions to your problem. Ask yourself how can you turn this difficulty around for something good? Is there a creative way to sort through your problem? Go right to work on the creative ways to use this difficulty. Again, do not wallow in self-pity. You can work through any problem creatively but you have to think before you react. Then react with your creative mind. .

3. Believe You Can and You will! This dynamic principle has been proving numerous times in the lives of believers. With GOD's help, you can go from negative to positive. When you pray, GOD makes a way out of no way. You can establish the belief in your mind that a change is coming by trusting GOD. You can look in the mirror and say affirmations: I am a positive person with a positive mental attitude; I am strong; I am loving. You can say whatever you want to say to change your thinking from negative to positive. You can inspire yourself. You can live an inspired life too.

Personally, I asked GOD to heal my mind. Guess what? He did it! Glory be to GOD! I also buttressed my shaken faith with the powerful words and promises from the Bible. I read and/or write scripture on a daily basis. Through Scripture, you get a better understanding about who GOD is. Don't you want to know GOD? With GOD, all things are possible. Change isn't easy but with GOD it happens.

Here I am purposely engaging in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason


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