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Light in the Darkness

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Cheslie Kryst was a beautiful light to us. She was born with beauty. God blessed her with a high intellectual acumen. She had swag—big personality and a brilliant TV personality. She won the USA Beauty Pageant, and she was a bright lawyer. Anyone would kill to have her life. The question then becomes for us: Why would she kill her own seemingly beautiful life?

Sometimes a person can live a life with tragedies, traumas, and issues nobody knows anything about except the person who lived through it. It’s really easy to say, “I would never if I had her beauty, brains, career, and life. Let me just say as a person who has attempted suicide myself that you never know what you would or wouldn’t do until you are in that situation. I say this to quiet-down the “judgey” people out there not to condone committing suicide.

It took me a while to realize that I shouldn’t take my life because I didn’t make my life. GOD did it! He created me. He created all of us and everything under the sun. Now, with that being said, a shadow can dim our brightness when dealing with problems but we cannot let a dark cloud keep us in the dark. The sun will come out tomorrow if we just keep waiting for it.

I wanted to write this blog because I admired Cheslie Kryst. She embodied everything that I aspired to become. I wanted to honor her without blaming her. Mental health is a serious thing. You have to take care of yourself continuously. Cheslie Kryst reported self-care on numerous occassions.

In October of 2019, Cheslie spoke out on Facebook for World Mental Health Day, offering tips on how she coped with stress. Cheslie said, “I do a lot to make sure that I maintain my mental health…The most important thing that I did is talk to a counselor. She’s really easy to talk to. She gives me great strategies especially if I’m sad or happy or have a busy month ahead of me.” Letme say this: Self-care is not easy when you are suffering, and it is a responsibility that we have 24/7. We all slip at times. I slipped plenty of times. My only advice is fall on your knees and give it GOD. He’ll see you through because GOD loves you. Even when it feels like He is not there, GOD does love us. Call on Him. GOD’s grace is sufficient for thee, for His strength is made perfect in weakness.

I care about suicide prevention. This past holiday season I thought it was important to post information from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention because a lot of us suffer during this time. I also ran a campaign and raised $275.00 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I was in Cheslie’s state of mind more times than I want to admit right now. I care. GOD cares. Unfortunately, some people look like a light; yet, they are overtaken by the darkness. Let's fight through it knowing GOD is thee LIGHT, and a little talk with Him will make it alright.

Here I am purposely engaging in inspired living!


Rachel Mason

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