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I Fell Off My Exercise Game

Updated: May 23, 2022

I told you two weeks ago that I wanted to start a fitness journey with you. I said I would write a fitness blog post every Wednesday. I apologize for not writing the fitness blog post last week. I was a little embarrassed because I fell off my exercise game and gained 5 lbs. in one week. I love food! I'm a foodie. Sue me.

Well, after I saw that I almost hit 170, I got back on my exercise regimen. I'm pretty much sticking to lifting weights and cardio. I need to change the composition of my body and reduce my percentage of body fat. I know what to do. I just have to do it. I love the Nike slogan, "Just do it."

I'm happy to report that I am going back down on the scale. I'm uploading a video of my kettlebell workout. I love following Juice and Toya on YouTube. Check them out. There is really no excuse for me. There are so many workouts available at my fingertips and in my home. I just need to do it.

Again, summer is coming! I'm getting ready. I don't want to cover up all summer. I like freedom. I want to be free from cover-up clothes that strategically hide my fatty deposits on my body. Check out this kettlebell workout below. In 20 minutes, I burn a little over 600 calories. The kettlebell workout is cardio and strength-training all in one workout. Please join me! How are you getting ready for summer?

P.S. My husband told me to upload the video that really shows me working out. The magic movie below was comedy because it was skipping a lot of my exercises. I'm still leaving the magic movie. I only show the first set but you repeat everything two more times. It's a 3 set workout. Check out Juice and Toya's Kettlebell Workout on YouTube. They are awesome!

Here I am purposely engaging in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason

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