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Hobby or Dynasty?

You can turn your passion into your dynasty. It is possible! When you love what you do, your dream becomes your life. I’m currently in the process of living out my dream. I don’t mind working hard when I’m working at something that I love doing. In fact, it doesn’t even seem like I’m working hard because I’m passionate about my work. What are you passionate about? What’s your dream? Can you channel your passion into a lucrative business?

Turning your hobby into a dynasty is going to take more than just passion, it's going to take some hard work to launch a successful business. It’ll take you taking a risk. For example, you might have to turn away from the career that you went to school for all of those years. You might have to revert back to living a simple life if you were used to living lavishly. You might have to wait some time before your hobby turns into your dynasty. You have to ask yourself, “Is it worth the wait?”

My risk is changing my life. I hope you take the risk to change your life as well. We just need to shift our mindset and become business-minded.

Let's live an inspired life. Here are some keys to turning your hobby into your dynasty:

  1. Set a Goal: Do you intend to quit your day job? Are you going to run your new business full-time? Are you just looking for a side hustle? Do you simply want a challenge or even just the freedom to make something on your own? Think about what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

  2. Create a Business Plan: A business plan allows you to delve deeply into the intricate details of how you’re going to get your business running. You’ll do research, project your earnings, and set up a real business model to follow. How much will it cost to make your product or service? Who are your customers? How much will you sell your product or service for?

  3. Test Your Market: Some ways to test your idea include: releasing a coming soon website page showcasing your product/ service, taking preorders, selling a limited run of your product/service, and even running digital ads. I’m in the process of doing these things with my writing and editing business and my art business.

Now, the key to successfully validate your idea that you’re so passionate about is to set out with metrics of success in mind. Whether it’s a number of newsletter signups, preorder amounts, or conversions on ads, you need to know how much represents success.

I wish you much success. I look to people just like you to help me live an inspired life. How‘s my business going, you ask? So far so good! I’ll keep you posted!

Here I am engaging in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason