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Good Friday: The Unbearable Death that He Bore for Us

When I think about Good Friday, I think about the crown of thorns that tore open his head. I think about the sword that pierced his side. I think about the flogging that tore the flesh off of his skin with a leather, glass and metal whipping apparatus. I think about the numerous fists that beat Jesus down on his body and in his face. I think about the giant nails in his hands and feet. I think about the weight of his body hanging on that cross. I feel pain run through my body but I don't know what His pain really feels like at all. It seems too unbearable for any human to go through. Then I think how dare they do that to my LORD and Savior. I used to cry for Jesus. I used to be very angry at them for the crucifixion.

Now I think about not only the physical pain that Jesus went through on that dark Friday but I also think about how it feels to have the weight of every sin on you that was ever committed by every human being in the world from the beginning to the end--UNBEARABLE!!!! Thanks be to GOD that Jesus paid the price for all of our sins. Thank you LORD for the cross! Thank You LORD for the blood! I'm rejoicing now! To Jesus' haters, thank you! GOD forgives us when we repent so my message to you today is repent, for Jesus paid it all on the cross with His shed blood so we can be with GOD in the end. That's LOVE!!!!!

Here I am purposely engaged in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason

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