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Dear Daughter

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Dear Daughter,

You are the daughter of a King!


You are the apple of your Father’s eye!

You commanded nations in the Motherland. People were blessed

through the touch of your hands. You gave the orders.

You galvanized the tribes.

You, beautiful black princess, had the power.

You changed people’s lives.

You cook, clean, hunt, and gather. You have always demonstrated from the beginning of time

That Black Lives Matter.

You endure more than most can bear.

You were enslaved, raped, tortured.

They made fun of your hair. They took your babies.

They sold them off. They separated you from your husband.

Your fragile heart was in agony.

Your heart’s veil did tear.

You insisted on your liberation.

You wanted to be free from your pain,

So you organized the mutiny

That caused the crimson stain.

You are strong,

but it’s okay if you cry. You look to GOD in your meditation.

You give so much of yourself.

You are not afraid to die.

Because of your faith,

you were promoted,

right in front of your enemies’ face.

You move all over the world. You are solving problems and resolving the issues that left others in a swirl.

You cry out to GOD.

You pray prostrate on the floor,

but sometimes you are curled.

You are a doctor, lawyer, engineer.

You are a manager, artist, scientist.

You are a salesperson, clerk, writer, janitor, and entrepreneur.

You are a mother, grandmother, auntie, and sister.

You are the daughter of King Jesus!

You are royalty!

You are the apple of your Heavenly Father’s eye!

You are strong,

but remember to be vulnerable too.

Remember, you are still human.

God made you so you can live out the human condition,

So forgive yourself for the things that you are not.

Your failures, you don't even have to mention.

If God didn’t want you to experience the ups and downs in life,

He wouldn’t have given you that tailor-made lot.

Forget the