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Angry as Hell

When you are angry as hell, you want to lash out. Sometimes you'll lash out at anybody just because you are angry as hell. You really don't give a damn who it is. You need to stop and think before you lash out. What's wrong with people nowadays is they don't think. People in this day and age are more apt to act and do something stupid instead of thinking about the consequences. We think about the consequences after the deed is done. NO! That ain't what I want you to do.

If your home or work environment is intolerable, instead of putting your hands on somebody, take a timeout to think. If you are mad, be mad! Go sit on your bed and just be angry as hell for as long as it takes for you to calm you down. This goes for both men and women. As a believer, I'm going to pray even though my anger tries to prevent me from praying. I'm going to pray anyway before I look up and do something stupid. That is my message to you today: Look up before you do something stupid! And when I say, "Look up before you do something stupid," I mean look up to the sky at our Heavenly Father. Father GOD said; "Vengeance is mine!"

Wait! Before the unrighteous think that GOD is going to "get" all their enemies, you better remember if you are the one in the wrong, you ain't got nothing coming back. You better search your heart to figure out if you are unjustly angry. The devil got so many people thinking they are right in their wickedness when in GOD's eyes those people are wrong. If you are in the wrong, GOD bless you darlin'. There is one thing for certain: GOD knows how to straighten all of us out and all of our crap!

My advice: Pray for others and for yourself. Ain't nobody perfect but GOD. We are all God's children.

Here I am purposely engaged in living an inspired life!


Rachel Mason

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